New pet

Have you guys ever got a new pet. Did you think you had it all figured out? I thought I did. But I didn’t. I got depressed. I fell threw on my pups training. Point is not everyone can have a plan and stick to it. If you can then that’s good.

My life has so many stops and goes in it. Iv been training dogs for almost 3 years. Before I turned 16 actually. I now that I’m old enough I plan on going to a collage for dog training. Tell then I’m training my own animals. I have 2 days. Ones a chihuahua.. she’s 18 years old. She’s heathy as she will ever be.

My second dog is 2 almost three. She’s a husky. There my babies. I do everything I can to keep them healthy. Though I lacked on her training. One thing for sure. She loves my nephews. She’s super smart. She’s also stubborn, independent. Her training will start up again here in a day or two. When I’m working with her. Since she’s 2 I walk her for a few before I run with her. Not to long. Jest enough to get some of her energy out. Or she plays with my dads dog.

She gets her energy out. And I get a good training session in. I will be writing here more tips and tricks for all dog owners. Not to mention my own experiences

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